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Collection Professionals, Inc.

Your Full Service Accounts Receivable Collection Solution

If your company extends credit in the normal course of business, you will likely incur delinquent accounts receivable. These past due accounts not only reduce your cash flow, they significantly drain your company’s most valuable asset … time! Why not recover that time by putting Collection Professionals, Inc. to work for you. Use your time doing what you do best… generating new revenue. As your partner, our goal is to recover the highest net dollar return possible, while maintaining the goodwill of your customers, which you have worked so hard to establish.

How Collection Professionals works:

• Accounts are assigned on a contingent fee basis, with the fee to be determined by the volume of accounts assigned. If we don’t collect – we don’t get paid. Accounts can be assigned manually or electronically.
• Nationally recognized, award winning Columbia Ultimate Business Systems Collection software (CUBS) networking all offices.
• Trained Account Executives directing full service collection activities such as collection notices, regular telephone contact, skiptracing, and legal action.
• State of the Art Predictive Dialer technology utilized to maximize personal telephone contact with the consumer.
• Attorney directed in house Legal Services Department pursuing legal action where necessary, ensuring all accounts are worked to final resolution.
• Credit report bad debts accounts to National Credit Reporting Repositories
to encourage consumer payments.
• Customized collection programs by client request.
• Client seminars are available to help our clients train their staff.
• Customer service program, including Account Managers assigned to your business, as well as “live” people answering incoming calls.
• Website/internet access to collection results, as well as the ability to print customized reports in your own office.
• Operating in compliance with any and all Federal and State collection laws, rules, and regulations, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

We take great pride in the services we provide to thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Our proven success is a direct result of our continued investment in professional staff, cutting edge technology, and a commitment to superior customer service. Utilizing our full service collection program, Collection Professionals, Inc. has consistently outperformed both industry standards and our competitors since 1922. We look forward to the opportunity to perform for you!

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