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Receivable Solutions

Your Non-delinquent Accounts Receivable Management Solution

Many businesses, hospitals, and medical offices do not have the personnel necessary to efficiently service their non-delinquent self-pay accounts receivable. Utilizing Receivable Solutions allows you to outsource your non-delinquent accounts receivables enabling you to reduce staff, workload, and overhead, while increasing your cash flow.

This cost-effective service is designed to be a seamless extension of your business office and billing system. Our Receivable Solutions program will improve your collection or recovery rate, thereby improving your cash flow. Accounts assigned to Receivable Solutions are not in a “collection” status and have no adverse effect on your customer’s credit report.

When an account is assigned to the Receivable Solutions management program, our team of Account Executives immediately work to establish an acceptable payment arrangement. Once established, the account is monitored until paid in full. Our approach with your customers emphasizes dignity, respect, and professionalism, thereby maintaining the goodwill you have established with your customers over the years.

Our Receivable Solutions management program can be customized to fit your needs and may include the following services

• Approved Letter Campaign - Establishes and maintains regular contact with your accounts
• Predictive Dialing Technology - Utilized to ensure regular personal telephone contact with the responsible party
• Account Executives - Separate, professional staff who establish and maintain payment arrangements acceptable to our client
• Skip Tracing – Limited skiptracing efforts to locate customers
• Customization – Ability and willingness to customize our early-out program, as requested by our client

For those accounts that do not establish and maintain acceptable payment arrangements,
we recommend they be assigned to our collection division, Collection Professionals, for full service collection efforts. This provides a seamless process to manage your self-pay accounts, as well as accounts needing more intensive collection services.

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